Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank You For Choosing Life!

Hey mommy and daddy, this one's for you!
Thank you for choosing life...even though you didn't expect me... What do people call that? Miracles?

This goes for mom, dad...and sister.

even the food that I complained about...

Thank you for sending me on my first mission trip to Guatemala 5 or 6 years ago.

Thank you for making me into a Phi Mu lady (even though you didn't even know what that meant)

Thank you for sending me to Canada to this shrine where I prayed for a miracle that you would accept God's call for my life. (and thank you for making me an altar server for like 5 years and thank you for always driving me to youth group and retreats....and thank you for always baking for those retreats, mom) *Long Live Jesus Muffins*

Thank you for picking the GREATEST God Parents in the ENTIRE world for me.

Thank you for still loving me even when you didn't want me to do this just yet.

Thank you for never buying me one of these.... really, thank you.

Thank you for accepting over a hundred girls as my sisters...even though you can't remember all of their names...

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made to send me around the world to truly have the best learning experiences.

Thank you for always supporting my passions and the gifts the Lord has given me.

Thank you for letting me go.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
Knowing that God the Father loves me more than you love me makes me yearn to know God's unfathomable love more and more. You have taught me how to put others before myself, you have taught me how to be a servant-leader, you have taught me how to love until it hurts, you have taught me that there is no limit to sacrifice for the good of the other, you have taught me how to pray, you have taught me how to be Jesus to others. I am sorry for all the times I didn't thank you and for the times I was sassy and for the times I was hard-headed and for the times when I didn't apologize. You have sacrificed your time, your money, and your life to give me and Nanny everything (I'm sure I can speak for the both of us) and we are so incredibly thankful. Thank you for the sacrifices you made to send us to Catholic School, thank you for treasuring our education, thank you for driving us around for all those years, thank you for everything.
I literally cannot think of the words to give you the thank you...but I know your reward will be in Heaven for putting up with me for these years of my short-lived life. 

You have helped mold me into the missionary that God is creating me to be.
Thank you for choosing life 21 years ago.

I love you, mom and dad!!!

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