Monday, March 10, 2014

I just wanna DANCE

So me and the team are casually eating dinner and we decide to have a really private night. We showered, put our pjs on, put sheets up around the porch to have some extra privacy, sang praise and worship and then we start eating. All of a sudden we hear some loud laughing and talking and the kids are just walking into our house!
They all went to a friends birthday party and were on their way home and decided to just come and hangout and visit. They are our 4th year students and even the teachers were with them (teachers have a very close relationship with the students). Their Schools Founders Day was beginning the following day so they wanted to show us their dances they prepared for the day. They sang a song, then did a traditional Filipino dance, and then did a modern/hip-hop type dance. They are all very talented kids!
After, they asked me to sing some praise and worship songs with them and they immediately caught on and loved it.
These kids are like sponges and I love them!
You're welcome in this place!

Singing their song

They are wonderful singers!

super cool dance!


Traditional Filipino dance

The ones in front are also Liturgical Dancers

Teaching them how to Cajun Dance!

we loves these kids!


Teaching them "Set A Fire"

they love to sing

so precious

Praise the Lord for their openness and joyful spirits and their willingness to get to know us and be our friend!

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  1. I wish you could post video of this. I would love to hear them sing and, of course, watch them dance. (I could use some new moves ... hahaha!)

    Love you forever!