Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hi, I'm Breana and I Like Warm Hugs

So I am sure everyone has heard one of the many famous quotes from the movie, Frozen....

I realized a lot of things about myself on a spiritual level from this cute little kids movie. It touched me on a sister level about true sacrificial love since I have a sister. It also touched me on a spiritual level to see all of the good moral teachings in the movie. Disney usually pulls the whole "Eros" love thang where the girl meets the guy in an instant and falls in love and then that it is all "happily ever after." Well, Frozen is different. Way different.

It really showed me how much I was cultured into believing that I am really into the idea of eros love, when really I have a God that romances me into a true self sacrificing agape love.

I know this is a "duhhh" moment for everyone, but I recently just discovered that my main love language is physical touch (Bazinga!). When reflecting back on my life, I can see that I was different from most kids. I would always run when I would see my mom and dad and give them a big hug and a kiss when I was in elementary school. Even in high school, I would hug and kiss my mom when I would get out of the car. That is just the way I grew up, in a loving and affectionate family. 
Now that I am older, I realize that I never really have had boundaries with the whole physical touch thing. But being in the Philippines, I can see that physical touch is a very large part of the culture. You can see little children, teens, old people... really every age.. just holding onto each other while just casually walking down the street. It is just really interesting to see this because it is not common in America at all, unless it is a couple who are really into PDA, but still, not just friends. But hugging is different in this culture. You only hug if you are really good friends or if you are very committed to the person (marriage).
I am a hugger, I am affectionate, and I am learning how to make my love language into something that is holy and tangible. Pope Benedict XVI said to "see with the eyes of Christ" and to "give others the look of love which they crave." I am so thankful that the Lord is merciful and patient with teaching me and giving me teaching and learning opportunities on how to love. I am learning that I need to love people the way that Christ loves people. To take each person I encounter and love them through their very own love language. I am learning that boundaries doesn't mean that I have to restrict the way that Jesus has taught me to love, but in having boundaries I have the freedom to love more because it is the pure way that Jesus wants me to love. He has given me an individual and unique gift of loving others and the freedom to love through his eyes.

So this is oooookay that I am Breana and I like warm hugs!

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