Thursday, February 13, 2014

Picture Update!

Since I typically write very very very long blogs, I've decided to take it down a notch for this post to show y'all that I really am multidimensional... so here are some picture updates!

WE HAVE AN ADDRESS!!! Praise the Lord, send us letters and fun things! (it takes about 3 weeks to receive)


Breana Olivier  Family Missions Company
c/o Holy Rosary High School
Sagay Camiguin Island
Philippines 9103

This is my life.
The sunsets here are literally indescribable and are this beautiful every single night.
The water is right down the street from our Cottage.

Me and Genevieve rode on one motor and Alex and Rebecca shared the other for our trip to the opposite side of the Island for our day off! (yes, we are wearing linen, flip flops, and no helmets...Filipino style)

Fr. Joe's monkeys at his Convento (rectory)

Fr. Joe administering First Communion at a Barrio (small chapel in Sagay)

The missionaries playing games with the Altar Servers at our house after mass on Sunday!

Having too much fun marching in the Torch Parade with the students of Holy Rosary
Cheering on the Seniors! They graduate in March!! (I feel like I am at a Thibodaux Mardi Gras Parade)
Holy Rosary high school Torch Parade and Living Rosary to celebrate their High School Anniversary

This is Romel. He is a part of the group of men that volunteer for the Church! We woke up one morning to see a group of men building a fence for us. They have become our "Heaven's Handymen" and we appreciate them so much!!! Romel has taught us the true meaning of being a missionary. He serves others the best way he can by using the gifts the Lord has given him. He told us that he is poor, but the Lord served EVERYONE in need and so that is what he has to do as well because he loves Jesus.

After building our fence, their next projects were building a house for a family whos house had burned down in the Typhoon, then they will be expanding the cemetery, then they will expand the church garden, and much more.
They are the Saints of Camiguin!

showing off our new fence!

We love our precious little cottage!

Shout out to the Quinns in Mexico! We are praying for you and for all of our fellow missionaries in the field and those who are stateside and especially those working very hard in the office at Big Woods!

Our new dresser that hold all four of our clothes!!! We have FINALLY unpacked! And we found a little rack for our books, yayy!

This is Rebecca (the one standing). She is the ultimate "server" and is the perfect balance of Mary and Martha (high five yourself if you get the reference)! She is full of wisdom and cute skirts. Visit her blog: Finding Pasture

This is Genevieve Reardon. She loves to pose for pictures, take pictures, laughing out loud, singing opera, and talking in fake languages expecting everyone to understand. She knows how to project her voice and she is a LOAD of fun. Visit her blog: Jesus is the bomb .com

This is Alex Vidos, my team leeeeeeder. She is tall, chill, hilarious, full of movie references, and the perfect leader for our team! She was a missionary in Mexico last year for about 6 months. Visit her blog : Alex on a Mission

This is us on a small fishing boat. This man, Richard, saw Genevieve read her Bible everyday by the ocean and was impressed and said that he loves to read the Bible too! So he invited us for a boat ride. It was so cool!!!

boats and volcanoes

SOOOO incredibly honored to have the Blog of the Month for FMC!!



  1. "A picture is worth a thousand words," so the saying goes. Thanks for telling us SO much with all your pics! I'm proud to call you my sister. Love you forever!

  2. B! I love you and I am praying for you! This looks like so much fun. The little we give the Lord returns to us a hundredfold. <3 #mishlife

  3. So so so proud of my little Awakening Sister! Such a beautiful life you are living for Christ :) I love it!

  4. Love the pics!!!!!! Miss you so much, Breana!