Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm doing what He tells me...

Hey y'all,

Just a little about me, my name is Breana and I am a student at University in a little town in South Louisiana. I am very Catholic, I love the Pope, I love Theology of the Body, and I love holy vocations. Also, I have a deep love for the show Gilmore Girls and I really enjoy movies so much that I have to cut myself off sometimes because I get attached, whoops! I am super involved in my school and community and I belong to a wonderful sorority called Phi Mu. All in all, I'm a stereotypical twenty-somethin Catholic girl with a mom, dad and older sister who are the absolute coolest.
I never ever would have expected to be writing something like this to go on an actual web page just for me, but God just made it clear that I needed to do this. It's pretty funny since I am awful at writing, and grammar is not my speciality, but as Mary said, "Do whatever he tells you" (John 2:5). And who wouldn't listen to our Mother?! Have I mentioned God likes to play jokes on me? He think's he's funny or something!

I write to you with great joy and anticipation to what the Lord has in store for my life. Since I have entered College about three years ago, my prayer life has changed drastically. Don't get me wrong, my prayer has always been consistent, but quite formal. I have always been very steadfast in my faith, thanks to my beautiful parents, holy family, and Catholic education. Although in College, I have learned many different ways to pray (i'll get to more of that later), but my favorite form of prayer is music. Praise and Worship is how I communicate with Jesus and how He speaks to me in the depths of my little heart. As St. Augustine says, "He who sings, prays twice."
Jesus is my reason to sing.

My heart is bursting at the seams for all that God has blessed me with, especially this summer. I have had the unbelievable opportunity to travel to France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany... along with some road trips to Texas (I can't make Texas feel like it's not as important as Europe, ha!).  On Thursday, I will be heading to New Hampshire and then will be driving to Canada for a Pilgrimage. This Pilgrimage was quite a spontaneous trip, which is actually becoming more typical in my life. Since we are all called to be in constant discernment, Jesus knows exactly what we need to hear, see and feel to help guide us on the right path. He has placed a fire in my heart and I cannot help but share this joy! He has taken me through every season and has never left my side.

So, all of this being said, I will be giving updates on what is going on during my Pilgrimage and other updates whenever the Lord puts it on my heart!

- Be good, Do good, Say 3 Hail Mary's -

with Mary for Jesus,