Friday, April 18, 2014

Blog Re-post: "why be afraid of life giving waters???" by Candice Brooks

So my prayer life the past month has been a lot about water. I really couldn't put into words what the Lord was speaking to me about it and I really wanted to write a deep spiritual blog about how the Lord has ROCKED my prayer life with His life-giving water...

I had the extreme blessing of face-timing my best friend Austin a few weeks ago. He is the St. Francis to my St. Clare. We are besties and I hope that we become holy enough to have back to back prayer cards (hahaha). I didn't even tell him about the whole water thing, but just to prove how in tune to the Holy Spirit he is, he tells me: "after seeing you, I want you to watch the water, when it is still and when it is flowing. Watch how it cleanses and refreshes. And furthermore know that a deep symbol of the Holy Spirit is water and you are but a tiny leaf totally lost in His waves - in His embrace wrapping around you, leading you on. Cleanse in the river. It is what pours from the Sacred Heart and in these waves of grace you will find home, and you will know His heart."

Well, another Holy Spirit moment, I come across my BFF's blog and I could not stop laughing (and I may or may not have teared up with joy) because it was EXACTLY what my little heart wanted to say.

So please check out the holy, magnificent, beautiful jungle woman - Candice Brooks' blog!

"I will run, run, run with this heart You've won..."
Blog by Candice Brooks, Missionary with JESUS in The Amazon Jungle of Musahualli, Ecuador.

Why be afraid of life giving waters???

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