Sunday, August 4, 2013

Your Grace is Enough

The past 3 days in New Hampshire have been quite beautiful. The weather, the scenery, and the people have been wonderful! I have been staying at a rectory guest house at St. Andre Bassete Parish in Laconia, NH then driving about 15 minutes to The Soul Fest in Gilford, NH. This area is so quaint and peaceful; the sound of the bustling maple leaves on the trees make you want to nap outside.
At The Soul Fest, there are hundreds of bands, 5 stages, lots of booths, and over 12,000 Christians jammin out over the course of 4 days. Driving up to Gunstock Mountain Resort, we saw hundreds of tents with families camping out for the festival. It's so family friendly!
For being a Christian festival, I was shocked that they offered a Catholic mass and had a tent with priests available for the sacrament of confession. The mass was held at the Inside Out stage and we were one of the first ones there, so we had a chance to just sit and pray and watch the set up for mass. As people startes trickling in for mass, I noticed a family walk up. The father was guiding his son, who seemed to be around the age of 10. Then I noticed the little boy's walking cane; he is blind. He participated in the mass like every Catholic should; loud and proud! Hearing his responses and his singing made me want to cry of joy. You could see it and you could feel it; he loves the Lord. I ended up seeing him and his family multiple time throughout the festival and people who met the boy would always leave with a smile on their face and he was so polite and would say "God Bless you" and "it was so nice to meet you" and "see you later." The following morning, I was "volentold" to read at mass. Before the mass began I was standing on the side of the stage and the band said they were going to play a song to warm up. They started to play "Your Grace is Enough" and they gave the boy a mic and his mom placed him facing the crowd. He sang his little heart out. He never missed a beat or a word - it was INCREDIBLE! It took all of me not to weep at the sight and sound of this little boy who was praising God. His grace is enough. Even though he is blind, he sees the world better than you and I. His kindness and his purity and his innocence is that of a Saint. God's grace is enough for him. He really was praying those words and they've never been so special to me.

Even in our disabilities, or what we think are our disabilities, God's grace is enough.
He uses the weak to lead the strong.

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