Sunday, August 4, 2013

You are Beautiful, My Darling

Yesterday I made it up to the family's house that is hosting me for a few days before I go to Canada. The Lamontagne's are the most wonderful family and I love them! They welcomed me with open arms, their daughter Emmalee gave up her bed for me, and most importantly...they cooked me pancakes this morning. Thankfully Aaron, my chauffeur and practically coordinator for my trip, set me up with the perfect NH Catholic family. They know the desires of my heart... Pancakes. ;)
Anywho, we all went to mass this morning at a precious church on top of a hill. The homily was all about greed and a part that really stuck out to me was, "the value of $20 seems so high when you're in Church, but so low when you're shopping." Boom, convicted! Such a good Priest; actually, such a good Father. The Lord likes to give us a loving conviction sometimes, just to show us what is right. Although it seems like a negative side of The Lord, it's not. He's just trying to love on us and for that to happen fully, we have to be free from our of ignorance and sin to let God completely in.
God constantly reminds us of how we are good, beautiful, and worthy. We are his children or better yet, his "little darlings."
This afternoon I met the lovely (and famous) Lisa Wiegand Greenberg at an old folks home in Vermont. We walked right in her door and she exclaimed, "my precious little darlings! come in, come in!"  She has images of the Pope and Jesus all over her walls and as she noticed me looking at it, she pointed to he shroud of turin and said, "that is how Jesus appeared to me." Then I leaned a little to the left and right a noticed the shroud turned into Jesus's face and back to the shroud- depending on the way you lean. I've never seen an image quite like that before or heard a woman speak of her miracles so nonchalantly. She spoke to me as if we've known each other all or lives. Lisa was born in Germany in 1921 and 2 months ago had only 2 days to live... Well, God obviously has other plans. This woman is literally a walking Saint. She has three phone calls during our short visit and she answered the phone, "yes my precious darling, I'm visiting with my dear friends so I will have to call you back later." She spoke of her life as a professional Opera singer, how she spoke 5 languages (German, English, French, Italian, and Dutch), how she worked in a Nazi labor (concentration) camp, how she absolutely loved Catholicism, and her dear beautiful husband David (who is in Heaven). I was so intrigued by her life, especially her witness in the Holocaust and her supernatural love for Jesus Christ. She spoke about how her mother was waitig in line at the labor camp listening to Hitler speak while praying the rosary, then a man came up to only her and told her she was free to go, but Lisa had to stay. She was very valuable for her linguistic abilities. Because she spoke so many languages, she was essential to the shoe making labor camp. While in the labor camp, Christ the King appeared to her in a vision (before CTK was known to the world). Once she started to get sick, they let her free to go to the doctor and she did not have to return. She single handedly stopped the French Army coming into Germany to tell them where the bad people were. After that she became best friends with the Colonel and did some work for the French government. She also worked for the American government and when she went back to Frankfurt, Germany to see if her mothers family survived the holocaust, she met her American husband, David. She said she never thought she would marry a Jewish man because she was Christian. But once they were married and all of these miracles happened to them, he converted to Catholicism and she said he was the best and most beautiful convert. He asked her how many rosaries she prayed in one day and she said one to which he replied, "ha, I pray 4!" So she now prays four or five rosaries a day because she has so much to pray for. She said that some of her and David's rosaries turned into pure, solid, heavy gold. How cool is that?!?
She was truly a captivating woman that know's the Lord and openly shares how good and awesome He is! Her kindness and words reflected Jesus. She was Jesus to me. She made me feel like the most important girl in the world and in that moment I was confident that I am "beautiful" and "darling" and a child.

If you ever feel self conscious or lonely or unloved, open up the Bible to Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) -get you some Theology of the Body!

Song of Solomon 4:7

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