Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Philippines!

If you didn't know……. This is my very spectacularly beautiful amazing fantabulous team -
Amber, Me, Alex, Genevieve, Rebecca

and we will be serving for the next year in the…
town of Sagay on the Island of Camiguin in the PHILIPPINES!!!

I'll be living in the lime green part!

From the little research I have done about the Island, I have learned a few things:
- Camuigun is the second smallest Island in the Philippines
- it looks like Jurassic Park when you're approaching it by ferry
- the people speak English- but their main language is Visayan (or Visaya or Bisaya ..not really sure how it's officially spelled)
- this island did NOT get hit by that Typhoon (Praise the Lord)
- it does rain a lot
- the people LOVE to karaoke and dance
- they have this delicious island fruit called lanzones (which Fr. Eric Leyble describes as a sweet grape that you have to peel),
- we'll be living in a typical bamboo style house
- of course we will be living amongst TONS of lizards (which we all know are just my favorite. not.)
- we'll be eating a lot of fish and rice and eggs…and ice cream.

This is the house we will be living in!
We are hoping to make some home improvements like screening in the porch and adding a front door. We also hope to add some cabinets in the kitchen and God willing, get a mini fridge to hold our leftovers. We are very excited to be living in a typical style house of the people!!!

It really does look like Jurassic Park.

For our ministries in Camiguin: we will be focusing on teaching Religion in Holy Rosary high school, starting a feeding program to give the students a hot meal every day, starting a Youth Group and a Choir, and possibly starting a Nursery School and visiting the people in the remote mountain villages.
To see what the past missionaries have worked on with the school, watch this video:

Along with our team serving in Camiguin, we will be about 7 hours away from the team of 3 families (The Romero's, The Bailey's, and The Seilhan's) in Malaybalay which is in that Mindanao section below.

Along with these Missionaries, there is a family of missionaries that are actually Filipino! The Leaño's have actually moved to where the Typhoon hit so they can really be a part of the relief services. Please read Lindsey Romero's blog to learn more about their relief work and how your donations have helped:

Also, if you'd like to donate to Family Mission's Company for us to personally support the relief efforts, you may donate here: DONATE TO THE PHILIPPINES HERE

SALAMAT SA DIOS! Thanks be to God!

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